Nerdiest Kids

These Nerdy Kids Know Technology

Computer Technology Genius’s

Nerds are more often than not (creating somewhat of an assumption here) great with computers and technology in general?

Why is this? Well as a result of a lack of social skills, nerds do not spend much time actually connecting with people and therefore are left with much time to do well, what it is they want that satisfies them, and often it has a connection with technology. Because technology is a) interesting, b) technical (great for their minds) and c) a way in which they can feel connected to something.

This is not to say that all ‘nerds’ are technologically minded, some may prefer to read books or play board games, but for this particular post we are going to assume this.

With all of this time and energy spent on technology they develop a highly level set of skills that make them gurus on things suchs a computers, and this is actually awesome. Why?
Well when you need a virus removed, a software program installed, a hardware upgrade or other, they are the ones who will do it… because they know how.

Whilst the football jock may know how to pick up girls and drive fast cars, when his iphone crashes, he has no clue, he needs someone ‘a nerd’ to fix it for him. Therefore their skills are completely necessary. (given they put them to good use, rather than hibernating )

Look at this picture…

This is their potential… and something many are not able to do.

Nerds are wizz kids, and deserve to be acknowledged, yay, (insert applause)

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