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These Nerdy Kids Know Technology

Website Building

So by now, whether you are a nerd or not, you should know what a website is.. correct? Yes you do, unless you have spent the last 40 years of your life hiding in a dark cave, in which you wouldn’t even be on this site. Therefore, I will make the assumption that you ALL know what a website is. Great moving on. So nerds are great for things like websites because they have spent many hours on computers and in this time have focused their energy on tasks such as website deign .

What? no way, Yes way!

This is great because everyone wants a website these days, whether it is for business, pleasure or other. That is where these tech guys come in handy. Have a look for instance, a friend of mine, who’s name I will not mention, nor mention that I think he is a nerd (he gets offended ) sorry Rob… woops, built this website for a local Perth Based business on Perth Accommodation . For those of you who don’t realize, you must click on the blue link… This websites helps this business to acquire new customers and showcase what it is that they offer. Is it the most flash website?

No definitely not (currently building a new one) however the significant part is , is that he made it in 5 minutes… no joke, and I personally wouldn’t have a clue where to start. The ring him and say “I want this, this and this,” he goes “sure” *Wait 5 minutes….. BAM done. So there you have it, the skills of a minor genius in the flesh. Websites, are easy for them.

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