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Nerdy Kids and Housework

If you have a kid who is into technology and science stuff, you might have had the chance to encounter the “nerdy kid housework syndrome”. No, there is no such term but the syndrome exists. I am yet to meet a nerdy kid who loves housework. Well, kids normally hate housework but they take it to a whole different level. But instead of taking the storm head on, I decided to dig deeper.

See, nerdy kids find technology to be very appealing and that they can do a lot of things about it. This is very true and I agree with them. But this belief is also the reason why they hate housework. Most housework require manual labor. No knobs to shift, not buttons to push, no code to use. Just them, a piece of equipment, and elbow grease. This is where we lose them. The part where we tell them that they actually have to do some sort of physical effort to get something done. What I do?

Well, I start by explaining why we are doing the chores. To get them even interested, I introduce them to the handyman we hire from and let them tail the skilled tradies when they work as long as it is safe. I found out that if you can explain the process of how sinks work or how the shower gets water from the main line, kids will love you. So talk to them. Don’t just delegate tasks to them. Introduce them to the task and give them time to understand it.

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