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What Should We Expect for The Future

Technology marches ever forward. As long as there is a question or an idea that hasn’t been explored, there’s a good chance that tech will keep moving forward. Some of it makes a splash, and others make a bigger impact than even their creators foresaw.

Here at Nerdy Kids, we’ve taken a little time to look at what we think are going to be the big dogs of the tech scene.

Advances in machine learning seem to be coming. We’ve already seen video games that can learn player patterns and exploit them – or at least anticipate them. This kind of progress could make machines much smarter, by picking up on how users like things done and making this standard.

In the world of banking or any other industry where a lot of tasks or processes are repetitive, this could be a huge game changer.

While we don’t say so on our About page, the folks at Nerdy Kids are very keen on tech-based security. The idea of adaptive security is exciting for us.

The basic idea is that static security measures are useful, but they have flaws. They aren’t changing, so once a weakness is found, it’s exploitable until someone patches it. Adaptive security is going to help make things more secure, though the tech is mostly for companies to protect their trade secrets.

Smart appliances may be incoming. Cars, appliances, phones, watches – they’re all getting smarter. As more and more items are networked together, tech has to get smarter. The AI might be basic and limited, but it’ll still be there.

Finally, computers may start talking back. Things like Cortana and Siri are a start, but they’re pretty limited once you get down to it. However, in 2017, we might see a slow increase in intelligence. The machines might become better conversationalists, perhaps even more dynamic and animated.

You may find yourself talking to your computer like it was a good friend. Which, in retrospect, isn’t exactly all that different from how some of us treat our computers already. The only difference is that your precious laptop will be talking back.

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