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The Best Power Tools 2017

2016 has come and gone – good riddance, some might say – but technology marches on! Now, we really can’t say for sure yet if 2017 will be good or bad. Regarding what’s left over from the debris of 2016, though, I think we can safely say we have some good stuff ahead.


Now, when most people think of a nerd, they imagine someone pasty and thin. They may imagine a person who is socially well-adjusted, but just more at home with computers than people.


While there is nothing wrong with that, it ignores the fact that nerds can “nerd out” about things other than technology.


For example, if you’ve ever had a conversation with someone about power tools and how all the little differences in the model matter, you’ve found a nerd.


With that in mind, here’s a look at what the local experts think are among the best cordless tools on the market for the coming year.


The Milwaukee M18 is probably going to be a lot of people’s lists. These people probably have wheel removal as something they regularly do. If you have to do that and are tired of the hassle of installing air compressors at home, get this high-torque impact wrench.


The Dremel cordless rotary tool kit is a bit expensive but makes up for it with sheer quality and utility. The kit is useful for all sorts of home tasks and DIY jobs. In particular, the kits have light butting pads that are ideal for clearing old gaskets. The kit is perfect as a support choice for any renovations Perth.


Everyone needs a good drill. The Makita Cordless Drive Drill Kit is going to be a good idea if yours needs replacing. This baby is a combination of screwdriver and drill. The best part is that you can adjust the angle depending on the space, instead of being stuck with the traditional 90-degree design.


For me, Ryobi One+ Cordless Buffer is a favourite. It is perfect for detailing, though less ideal for actual repairs. It’ll let you polish up in a hurry. The only real problem is that you need to buy battery and charger separate from the buffer itself.


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