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Keeping up With Nerdlets

When you are an overgrown nerd/geek. It’s almost 100% sure that you will get nerdlets when you get married. Nerdlets are little nerds that are borne from nerdy parents.

When you become a parent, you think it’s a bit easier because you already know what they will go through. You think that because you went through the stuff you think they will go through, you can easily guide them.

Sadly, this is how nerdlets lose in life. Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying you become bad parents to get good kids. All I am saying is that in order to make sure your little nerds survive life, you have to give them a little bit of tough loving.

Here are some tips on how you can raise nerdy kids properly.

1. Let them fail – Remember your first run on Donkey Kong Country? Remember how you almost bashed the wall thinking you can’t go past a certain stage? Let your little geek experience that same feeling of failure and frustration. No point in hand-holding them. Make them work for the things they need and deserve. It will ensure that your child will become a problem solver and not somebody who will just wait for somebody to fix everything for them.

2. Let them see you read – Don’t force them to read. In fact, don’t tell them to read. Instead, show them how reading can be a fun way to spend time. This will broaden their horizon and will exercise their imagination. Reading also allows them to tap into resources that are not that popular in this computer dominated world.

3. Let them play around – There are a lot of games nowadays that will let your little geeks play around, tinker, hack, and even explore endlessly. Let them do all those things as it has been proven many times by studies that by immersing yourself in a game/situation, you learn and develop more from it.

4. Enter their world – Lastly, just because they are kids doesn’t mean you always have to be and adult around them. Enter their world. Play their games. Follow their rules. Show them that they can always have fund anytime and with anybody they trust.

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