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Pizza Parties for Nerdy Kids

A few years ago, there were talks of how nerdy kids should have their birthday parties. There were a lot of suggestions, mostly cookie-cutter options on how parents can give their kids a nerdy birthday party.

But if you ask me, the best choice is a pizza party.


Yep. A pizza party.

Alright, I know you might be up in arms mostly because of the health issues but please bear with me. A pizza party is the best way for a nerdy kid (and his/her nerdy friends) to have real fun.

Sure, you can always choose the “I-will-just-hire-costumed-people-for-the-party” route but that’s only fun in one way – seeing the costumed heroes/characters.

Why a Pizza Party

Every time people hear the term “pizza party”, they automatically imagine a bunch of couch potatoes who can’t move their asses from their chairs so they just order pizza. That’s definitely not what I have in mind.

For a nerdy kid pizza party, you can invite the kids over to make their own pizzas. Providers such as allows their customers to make their own pizzas and they cook them for you. So no more worrying about ensuring the pizzas are cooked right. Depending on your arrangement, they can even bring most of the ingredients (the pizza blanks, the tomato sauce, most of the meat toppings, etc). All you have to bring are the “unusual but important” ingredients. If you still don’t get it by now, here are some samples for you.

These are just some of the many designs they can make (and eat!). All you have to do as the judge is to make sure that each and every entry is “eat-able”. They can even bring some home to show their families.

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