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Safe Carpet Cleaning for Kids and Babies

The truth about upholstery and rug cleaning is that it’s one of life’s necessities. If you have upholstered furniture and carpet in your home, you have no choice but to have it cleaned. But how? This kind of is a major concern, specifically parents of small children. With children playing on the floor, crawling on […]

The Worst Versions of Windows

We like to look at people who have succeeded and try to trace their path so that we can follow it ourselves. This is not usually a bad idea, but not always the best move. Tracing success often means we forget the context. Some people are only successful because they took advantage of opportunities already […]

Pizza Parties for Nerdy Kids

A few years ago, there were talks of how nerdy kids should have their birthday parties. There were a lot of suggestions, mostly cookie-cutter options on how parents can give their kids a nerdy birthday party. But if you ask me, the best choice is a pizza party. A PIZZA PARTY? Yep. A pizza party. […]

Keeping up With Nerdlets

When you are an overgrown nerd/geek. It’s almost 100% sure that you will get nerdlets when you get married. Nerdlets are little nerds that are borne from nerdy parents. When you become a parent, you think it’s a bit easier because you already know what they will go through. You think that because you went […]

The Best Power Tools 2017

2016 has come and gone – good riddance, some might say – but technology marches on! Now, we really can’t say for sure yet if 2017 will be good or bad. Regarding what’s left over from the debris of 2016, though, I think we can safely say we have some good stuff ahead.   Now, […]

What Should We Expect for The Future

Technology marches ever forward. As long as there is a question or an idea that hasn’t been explored, there’s a good chance that tech will keep moving forward. Some of it makes a splash, and others make a bigger impact than even their creators foresaw. Here at Nerdy Kids, we’ve taken a little time to […]

Nerdy Kids and Housework

If you have a kid who is into technology and science stuff, you might have had the chance to encounter the “nerdy kid housework syndrome”. No, there is no such term but the syndrome exists. I am yet to meet a nerdy kid who loves housework. Well, kids normally hate housework but they take it […]

Teach Your Kids Computer Code

Most adults don’t think kids should learn how to code. The worry stems from their computer experiences. For them, computers emerged in the middle of their lives. The machines were new and strange, learning their use was a complexity they did not want to hear. These parents believe the same will apply to their children. […]

Website Building

So by now, whether you are a nerd or not, you should know what a website is.. correct? Yes you do, unless you have spent the last 40 years of your life hiding in a dark cave, in which you wouldn’t even be on this site. Therefore, I will make the assumption that you ALL […]