Nerdy Kids and Housework

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If you have a kid who is into technology and science stuff, you might have had the chance to encounter the “nerdy kid housework syndrome”.

No, there is no such term but the syndrome exists. I am yet to meet a nerdy kid who loves housework. Well, kids normally hate housework but they take it to a whole different level.

But instead of taking the storm head on, I decided to dig deeper.

See, nerdy kids find technology to be very appealing and that they can do a lot of things about it. This is very true and I agree with them. But this belief is also the reason why they hate housework. Most housework require manual labor. No knobs to shift, not buttons to push, no code to use. Just them, a piece of equipment, and elbow grease. This is where we lose them. The part where we tell them that they actually have to do some sort of physical effort to get something done.

What I do? Well, I start by explaining why we are doing the chores. To get them even interested, I introduce them to the handyman we hire from and let them tail the skilled tradies when they work as long as it is safe. I found out that if you can explain the process of how sinks work or how the shower gets water from the main line, kids will love you. So talk to them. Don’t just delegate tasks to them. Introduce them to the task and give them time to understand it.

Teach Your Kids Computer Code

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Most adults don’t think kids should learn how to code.

The worry stems from their computer experiences. For them, computers emerged in the middle of their lives. The machines were new and strange, learning their use was a complexity they did not want to hear. These parents believe the same will apply to their children.

There are a few factors these well-meaning parents forget, though.

First, unlike them, their children are growing up with technology all around them. Their parents had these gadgets introduced later in their lives. The kids had access to them from the very start. Early exposure builds familiarity, comfort.

Second, these parents are neglecting the potential benefits of learning computer code.

Some jobs use the code directly. Web designers, robotics engineers, software developers, and even some science-related jobs all require direct interaction with code. Learning the principles earlier in life can give them an advantage in these professions.

Yes, these careers aren’t as spectacular as doctors or as traditionally favourable as lawyers. However, while they’re not in the spotlight, they are still stable jobs with plenty of options.

Code also helps the kids understand the world.

The world has more connections now than ever before, tied to computer systems and information networks. If the child knows these relationships, they gain a better idea of how the world itself operates behind the scenes.

In many ways, teaching kids how computer code works is no different from lessons in biology or physics.

Learning computer code is like learning a foreign language. The learning stimulates certain parts of the brain that can be hugely beneficial in the long-term.

Of course, the younger you teach a kid how to code, the better they grasp it. The brain is much more absorbent at an early age, so the lessons “stick” better than the experience gained later in life.

Kids and math usually don’t get along, but computer code can help fix that.

Computational thinking uses ideas that parallel those who you see in algebra and trigonometry. By being exposed to these basic concepts early on, the kid may find them easier to process. The child may not necessarily understand the exact terms, but they will understand the ideas behind them.

Coding can also be great fun for kids. Think of all the enjoyment you got with Legos, and just imagine the building blocks as digital rather than tangible.

Finally, kids love computers. Eventually, the smart ones will pick up a thing or two about coding.

With so much exposure to technology and an abundance of creativity inherent to the child’s brain, it’s safe to guess that coding isn’t too far off. Kids who love games will eventually think about making their own, and figure out how to do that.

You might as well get them started early.

Website Building

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So by now, whether you are a nerd or not, you should know what a website is.. correct? Yes you do, unless you have spent the last 40 years of your life hiding in a dark cave, in which you wouldnt even be on this site. Therefore, I will make the assumption that you ALL know what a website is. Great moving on.

So nerds are great for things liek websites because they have spent many hours on computers and in this time have focused their energy on tasks such as website deign . What? no way, Yes way!

This is great because everyone wants a website these days, whether it is for business, pleasure or other. That is where these tech guys come in handy.
Have a look for instance, a friend of mine, who’s name I will not mention, nor mention that I think he is a nerd (he gets offended ) sorry Rob… woops, built this website for a local Perth Based business on Perth Accommodation . For those of you who don’t realize, you must click on the blue link…

This websites helps this business to acquire new customers and showcase what it is that they offer. Is it the most flash website? No definitely not (currently building a new one) however the significant part is , is that he made it in 5 minutes… no joke, and I personally wouldn’t have a clue where to start.

The ring him and say “I want this, this and this,” he goes “sure” *Wait 5 minutes….. BAM done.

So there you have it, the skills of a minor genius in the flesh. Websites, are easy for them.

Computer Technology Genius’s

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Nerds are more often than not (creating somewhat of an assumption here) great with computers and technology in general?

Why is this? Well as a result of a lack of social skills, nerds do not spend much time actually connecting with people and therefore are left with much time to do well, what it is they want that satisfies them, and often it has a connection with technology. Because technology is a) interesting, b) technical (great for their minds) and c) a way in which they can feel connected to something.

This is not to say that all ‘nerds’ are technologically minded, some may prefer to read books or play board games, but for this particular post we are going to assume this.

With all of this time and energy spent on technology they develop a highly level set of skills that make them gurus on things suchs a computers, and this is actually awesome. Why?
Well when you need a virus removed, a software program installed, a hardware upgrade or other, they are the ones who will do it… because they know how.

Whilst the football jock may know how to pick up girls and drive fast cars, when his iphone crashes, he has no clue, he needs someone ‘a nerd’ to fix it for him. Therefore their skills are completely necessary. (given they put them to good use, rather than hibernating )

Look at this picture…

This is their potential… and something many are not able to do.

Nerds are wizz kids, and deserve to be acknowledged, yay, (insert applause)

What a Nerd May look like

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What is common here? Generally a lack of care or thought into their appearance, being very generic, with the aid of glasses to see or focus further on their screens.

There is nothing wrong with teh way they look or dress, as their attention is on the things like to to pursue, such as computers, board games and other.

Nerdiest Kid Know Websites

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So what is a nerd?

Well there are 2 contexts that a nerd can be described in. One is positive, the other no so much, however we will define both to help you create what a nerd is and the relevence of these definitions have on this blog.

Firstly the not so nice one but still very valid;
a foolish or contemptible person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious. In other words, someone who is not very social and spends more of their time studying and being with themselves. Sometimes this is what they prefer, where as other times, events in their lives have forced them to take this role.

The other definition and the one that is more related to this particular site is;
a single-minded expert in a particular technical field. In other words, someone who has great knowledge, education and abilities in a particular field as a result of spending much time studying and focusing on that field. These ‘nerds’ or excellent in what they do, often excelling the rest.

So there you have it. So now you know what a nerd is, we can now begin to talk about how these skills or nerds are beneficial, in such things like technology.