Nerdiest Kids

These Nerdy Kids Know Technology

Computer Technology Genius’s

Nerds are more often than not (creating somewhat of an assumption here) great with computers and technology in general? Why is this? Well as a result of a lack of social skills, nerds do not spend much time actually connecting with people and therefore are left with much time to do well, what it is […]

What a Nerd May look like

 or  What is common here? Generally a lack of care or thought into their appearance, being very generic, with the aid of glasses to see or focus further on their screens. There is nothing wrong with teh way they look or dress, as their attention is on the things like to to pursue, such as […]

Nerdiest Kid Know Websites

So what is a nerd? Well there are 2 contexts that a nerd can be described in. One is positive, the other no so much, however we will define both to help you create what a nerd is and the relevence of these definitions have on this blog. Firstly the not so nice one but […]